Nature's Original Fertilizer

Nature's Original Fertilizer

Whether you garden as a hobby or a profession, growing flowers, fruit, and vegetables, or just want a healthier lawn, you want a natural, safe, and easy-to-use product.

Mixing or Top-Dressing NEW Compost: Worm Castings are nature's original slow-release fertilizer. Packed with 17 different Micro & Macro nutrients, Worm Castings feed both the chemical and biological needs of all soils and plants.

Need extra nutrients. NEW Compost offers specialty blends when requested. Simply supply a soil test for the necessary calibration for your blend.

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Bring Biology Back

Perfect for all grow systems; including hydroponic systems. Gold Rush: Plant Probiotic & Booster put beneficial microbes that fill both your plants and soil.

Applying Gold Rush: Plant Probiotic & Booster with your liquid fertilizer, with your irrigation system, or in your home hydroponic system. Applying Gold Rush feeds your soil with beneficial microorganisms that aid in disease suppression and nutrient digestion.

Gold Rush is proven to enhance plant root mass, expand root-zone development, and increase nutrient uptake resulting in enhanced plant quality and increased yield.

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