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Nature's Original Fertilizer

Whether you garden as a hobby or a profession, growing flowers, fruit, and vegetables, or just want a healthier lawn, you want a natural, safe, and easy-to-use product.

Mixing or Top-Dressing NEW Compost: Worm Castings are nature's original slow-release fertilizer. Packed with 17 different Micro & Macro nutrients, Worm Castings feed both the chemical and biological needs of all soils and plants.

Need extra nutrients. NEW Compost offers specialty blends when requested. Simply supply a soil test for the necessary calibration for your blend.

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Bring Biology Back

Gold Rush: Plant Probiotic & Booster is a proven, stable, and reliable liquid amendment that can be safely integrated into any agricultural feeding program. Our liquid extract can be used in soil, soil-less media, and hydroponic growing environments. It’s easy to apply, water-soluble, and can be utilized in drip irrigation, spray nozzles, emitters, and hydroponic tanks without clogging.

Gold Rush: Plant Probiotic & Booster is a comprehensive complex biochemical system created from red wiggler earthworms living and working through high-quality feedstock in an optimal environment. It provides the power of worm castings in a liquid form to enhance root mass, expand root-zone development, and increase uptake resulting in healthier plants and higher yields.

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Make The Most With NEW Compost

NEW Compost: Worm Castings

Available Sizes:

2lb Bag

5lb; 20lb, 40lb Box

1 Cu. Yd. Tote (900lbs)

2 Cu. Yd. Tote (2,000lbs)

Gold Rush: Probiotic & Booster

Available Sizes:

4 fl. oz; 16 fl. oz Bottle

1, 5, Gallon Jug

55 Gallon Drum

275 Gallon IBC Tote