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Discover how our organic compost products elevates your soil health. We want to ensure that no matter your size or scale we have your soil-lution to meet your needs. For the farmers, landscapers, professional growers or just have a few garden beds or houseplants . Make compost with care, consistently testing new feed sources, monitoring microbes to ensure a complete Soil Food Web, and managing mineral nutrition in our products. Compost that strengthens the Chemical, Physical, and Biological aspects of the soil. Maximizing your plant’s potential in stem, roots and fruits and the health, vitality, and strength of your soil.

Crafting Compost For Any Crops

The science of agriculture is at the core of what we do, but so are the growers we design and make products for. No matter the plant, our products are suitable for all plants, all soils, and all growing styles. Our principle of bringing balance to the soil allows us to continuously produce composting enabling us to develop specialized compost and tailored custom mineral blends that fast-track acceleration soil regeneration bringing complete balance whatever the crop type, soil type, or cultivation space.

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  • Soil Bioassay

    Is your soil hindering or helping your plant's potential? Let's take a closer look! Send us a sample and we will dissect and account for what organisms are benefiting or antagonizing your plant productivity. Once completed we will send you a diagnostic sheet outlining our findings and advise strategies to aid in maximizing your plant-specific needs and aid in potential or how to minimize any inferences in your soil's microscopic ecosystem. Bring your soil back into biological balance.

    Soil Bioassay 
  • Soil Balancing Advising

    Bring Balance To Your Soil. Simply send in your sample to our partner lab and we will calculate and bring your soil mineral content into balance. Down to Gram. Whether you are looking to increase nutrient density in fruits or veggies or revitalize your lawn or landscape; soil balancing advising brings true balance to your soil with your choice of organic amendments. No matter the plant, no matter the soil type allow us to your specific mineral needs and maximize your plant's productivity and potential.

    Soil Balancing 
  • Soil Regeneration Advising

    Get the help you need to regenerate your soil.  We teach you how to analyze and understand the key components of growing with the strength of nature's living soil through lab analytics and guidance from our team. Learning how to establish and manage the Soil Food Web is the foundation of what we teach. We will help you understand those processes that limit life in the soil, and those that help them thrive. Bring true balance to your soil's physical, chemical, and biological balance.

    Soil Consulting 

Learn The Role of the Soil Microbes and The Secret Life Between Plants & Soil Microbes