Restoring Nature Through It's Foundation - The Soil

A Biological Alternative For Conventional Chemical Inputs.

At NEW Compost we strive to accelerate the regeneration of Soil through implementation of Organic "Living Soil" Bio-amendment & Bio-stimulant products. Through sustained application of NEW Compost vermicompost products, we inoculate and reintroduce beneficial bacteria, protozoa, nematodes, and fungi to recreate and rejuvenate the Soil's natural microbiome.

Suitable for all plant species, grow media, and soil types; NEW Compost products are available in both Granular & Liquid forms for ease of application and plant availability. We service growers of all forms, industry & size. From Home Gardener to Large-Scale Food Producers, to Aquaponic cultivators.

We aim to supply, educate, and aid growers in their processes to revitalize the natural ecosystem of the soil and synthetic laboratory products in favor of Natural Organic Bio amendments and Bio-stimulants that meet and exceed Plant Health, Yield, and Nutrition!

Bringing Biology Back To Nature's Foundation - The Soil

At New Compost we produce specialized vermicompost-based bio-amendments and bio-stimulant products for all soil types, crop sectors, and fertility needs. We utilize OMRI-listed and/or USDA-certified inputs to ensure that we produce organic, chemical-free, high-quality natural biological-based products.

We aim to fulfill the needs of all growers' specialty crops, from turf managers to vineyards, to orchards and aquaponic producers. We ensure this through consistent documentation and experimentation with different inputs into our compost and vermicompost systems.

Depending on the customer's needs and crop sector we offer different biological and nutrient needs for all crop sectors. To ensure this, NEW Compost utilizes light microscopes to identify and cultivate a complete soil food web in our vermicompost products that harbor only beneficial microorganisms and no antagonistic pest organisms that harm plants. We also send in our data and findings to third-party laboratories to ensure transparency and consistency.

NEW Compost also offers local spraying services for residential and commercial gardens, lawns, and landscapes. It ensures members of the community a natural, eco-friendly, sustainable option. NEW Compost's Mobile Microbe supplies soils with macro & micronutrients to balance soil chemistry and reintroduce organic, naturally occurring soil microorganisms in favor of conventional lawn care companies utilizing chemical fertilizers and herbicides that won't leach harmful chemicals into the ground well systems.

  • Landscaping

    Landscape Specialists & Turf Managers utilizing NEW Compost products experience more resilient turfs and larger root mass in grass plugs and perennial plants that produce a higher drought tolerance in landscapes.

  • Fruits & Vegetables

    Residential and Commercial growers who utilize NEW Compost products have demonstrated enhanced plant health and improved yield in the cultivation of vegetables, fruits, and leafy greens.

  • Hydroponics

    Use of Gold Rush Plant Probiotic & Booster in University studies hydroponics systems found an increase in plant biomass, root growth, and increase in yield.