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Soil Balancing

Soil Balancing

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Why guess when you can test?

See what minerals make up your soil and what is actually available to your plants!

We apply the BCSR and SLAN soil balancing methods to optimize soluble nutrient levels and preserve the overall nutrient pool. Our mineral balancing programs complement our microbial strategies and utilize microbe-friendly mineral amendments. A consultation with our team is included in our mineral recommendations, which exclusively feature organic certified products. Once the sample is submitted we calculate the amounts needed to bring soil into balance for single applications and multi-year projects.

Contact us today to discuss our mineral balancing options. For personal soil collection, we charge for site visits and sample collection.

We charge 30.00 per sample submitted per recommendation. You may mail your sample to our laboratory partners at Logan Labs LLC. Once completed send us your lab results for configuration and advising of your soil needs.

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