• Fruits & Veggies

    Fuller Fruits and Vibrant Vegetables. Residential and Commercial growers alike utilize NEW Compost products to enrich their soil and supply essential nutrients for your growing space, promoting abundant harvests. Customers will notice a remarkable increase in plant productivity and higher resilience to pests and diseases in their garden beds and fields. No matter what is in your garden bed.

  • Lawn & Turf

    In field trials; Turf Managers and Sod farmers alike produce more resilient turfs. Our specialists utilizing New Compost products report a 200% increase in root mass and dense root structure in grass plugs. Reducing the need for consistent watering saving on utility costs. Produce a soft-to-the-touch, vibrant color throughout the entire lawn on top of producing a higher drought-tolerant lawn.

  • Landscape

    For lush and vigorous shrubs and perennials, NEW Compost organic compost is the go-to choice for landscape specialists. Enrich soil, enhance moisture retention, and provide essential nutrients, promoting healthy plant growth. The neighbors will notice the dramatic improvement in the beauty and color of their landscape with our eco-friendly, sustainable compost products.

  • Flowers

    Flourishing Flower Beds Await. Flowers love our organic soil amendments. Flower producers using NEW Compost report sturdy stems, bigger blooms, and long-lasting freshness after cutting. Florists prefer flowers from our flower producer partners as well as a reduction in fertilizers and pesticide use in cultivation. In personal trials, NEW Compost brand Gold Rush: Plant Probiotic & Booster acts as a perfect substitute for granular salt nutrients in cut flower vases keeping cut flowers in bloom 2 times longer.

  • Tree Care

    Feeding The Foundation. NEW Compost provides essential nutrients and improvement in environmental stress tolerance for both Ornamental and fruit-producing trees alike. Arborists and Nurserymen both agree on a noticeable improvement in tree roots, foliage, and trunk structure in both established and newly transplanted trees. Orchard producers report increased fruit production and longer-lasting, fuller fruits and stone fruits when treated with NEW Compost via root drench and foliar feeding.

  • Greenhouse

    Holistic Help in the Hoop House. Tested in soil, soil-less media, and hydroponics. NEW Compost is proven
    to enhance root mass, expand root-zone development, and increase nutrient uptake resulting in increased
    production and enhanced plant quality. We filtrate Gold Rush through 70-micron mesh to be applied through continuous feed fertigation delivery systems without fouling and clogging filters or emitters. Strengthening your soil's chemical, physical. and biological structure of soil.